Let’s start off with something about myself, the author of these pages. My name is David Mathieson and I am based in Monterrey, Mexico – a thriving city of commerce in the Northern part of the country. I’m originally from the city of Leicester in England. I work as a teacher here and always had a hard time explaining where Leicester is, well that was until 2016 when Sr. Ranieri and Co won the English Premier League.

Why Lindero Bistro?

The name started as a kind of joke between my wife and myself, as each Friday night when I would cook dinner I would post photos of what we ate on Facebook (who doesn’t these days).

So as the location of where the dinner took place I decided to give our kitchen a name “El Lindero Bistro”. The name has kind of stuck now and the Facebook Page has over 50 likes from people liking what I make for my wife each Friday – some people have even tried to reserve a table in the belief that it exists as a real restaurant.
So maybe I’ll turn the kitchen into a small, intimate restaurant in that case. After all, that kind of idea seems to be becoming popular
these days.