No to GM Corn


The idea of having genetically modified stuff is all well and good if the benefits are that mankind has food in the harshest of times but not if the idea is that big corporations are the beneficiaries. This seems to be what is happening and who wins? Monsanto of course.


Do you really want to lose these beauties?
Mexico is the “cradle of corn” (la cuña de la maiz) and the crop is not suffering as far as I can see. Look at the image above. Do you want uniform yellow corn when there is such diversity in one crop? Of course you don’t. Mexico was quite adamant that NO transgenic corn should ever be grown within the country’s borders yet it has transpired that it actually is growing here. How come? Obviously just government talk to make everyone feel happy but presidents like the one we have can easily be bought when they don’t actually care a jot about anything, especially something so linked with the country and its population.




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