Friday night tacos


Well it’s Friday evening and the feeling of being particularly peckish will appear soon and I have a feeling tacos will be calling me to be eaten.

The taco is probably THE food item many people most associate with México, but those crispy versions found in Taco Bells and other such places in the US are just pale comparisons to the variety of the real stuff served at the many taco stands and taquerías here and there isn’t just one kind of taco available – there are tacos de harina, tacos de maiz or tacos al vapor -certainly not the crispy ones, anyway.
They really are a true ‘fast’ food.

Down here in México there are so many taco stands on almost every street corner in the whole of the country offering wonderful and cheap traditional street food with fillings too numerous and tasty to mention which are far better than the invading ‘jokey’ American fast food chains whose tacos can’t compare.

For me, though, it has to be Tacos de Trompo or Al Pastor as they call in in the south of Mexico.That lovely achiote red pork cooked over hot coals with onion, lime, cilantro and salsa – simplicity and a taste sensation. Its roots lie in Lebanese cuisine as many came to Mexico from Lebanon ate the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries and they brought with them many dishes that shaped Mexican cuisine – this being one of them. Getting to the trompo stand early ensures that you get the crispy, blackened pieces of meat that I love.

The Trompo. British would recognise it as kebab meat.



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