Try this at home

Here’s something to try at home.

From January 1st the daily minimum salary here in Mexico has just been increased to $80.04 mxp by a staggering $9 or so which equates to $3.86 usd or £3.16. Now. Could you manage to live on that? Go on, have a go. I’ll post something more about this later.

To add a little perspective to this, here in Monterrey the cost of the bus fare will rise to $12 per trip but some people need to take 3 buses just to get to work and 3 back home again.
Right that’s $72 used up already.

So can you blame someone wanting a better life by trying to get into the USA where they can get 3 times more in an hour flipping burgers in a Wendy’s than they can for a day’s hard slog?


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