The Art of the Tostada


The first time I ever tried to eat a tostada was one of those memorable moments when you bite into something and the whole thing disintegrates and falls down the front of your shirt. I really did think it was one of those tricks people play on you but no, I just hadn’t been told how to eat the thing in the correct manner.

When you see a tostada for the first time, piled high with many ingredients the first thing that you think is “How am I meant to eat this ?“.
After the first novice attempt as I had things do get easier.
First of all, watch the way a seasoned tostada eater handles the task.
Secondly, hold it properly by its edges
Thirdly, don’t take a large bite
Always keep a plate underneath in case of breakage and if it does break then blame the supermarket for not handling the packages properly.
Important : Don’t worry if the ingredients cover the chin and/or nose as this is part of the experience.

The “challenge” ahead

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