La Canasta Basica


This item is not meant to be political in any way, it’s just that things which irritate me in some ways usually involve politicians screwing with the country’s citizens.

In Mexico there is a term for the necessities needed in life and it’s called “La Canasta Basica” or the “Basic Basket”. It used to be that the the contents of this “basket” were never to be affected by market prices and so every Mexican should have enough money to buy the essentials regardless, so this would be tortillas, beans, avocado, tomato, chiles, limes, eggs, bread, milk, cooking oil, rice as well as one, two or more other things.
Now it’s grown to a list of something like 100 items that has included the cinema tickets and beer; and thanks to a government who doesn’t seem to have one iota of consideration for its people, have increased prices whenever they feel like it.


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