There’s nothing in the fridge!


Ever opened the fridge, looked inside and said to yourself “There’s nothing to eat!” ?

It happens to the best of us and it happened to me today at lunchtime. So you grab some bits and bobs from the shelves and vegetable tray and then look across at the basket with a couple of potatoes that might need throwing out in a few days and maybe some spices in the kitchen cabinet.
This is leftover territory you are in.

Here’s what I had – Some shredded chicken in a tub, a small onion, some spinach that had looked a little better, some Shitake mushrooms past their use-by date, two potatoes (well one and a half really) in the veggie basket and the remains of a jar of some Madras powder I’d made a month or two ago.

Quite a surprisingly good lunch, which is the one you see above.


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