Eating locally


One of the great things about living in Mexico is that you will always find a great local place to eat – taco stands, the market and small local eateries.
Our two favourite local eateries are a great seafood restaurant called El Barco and Don Pepe who makes, for me, the best enchiladas around – and he’s just 5 or 10 minutes walk away. That’s his enchiladas in the photo. They are just sheer simplicity and delicious.

Don Pepe’s is a family-run place frequented by families and at times packed but if you are prepared to wait a little, enjoy a chat with others as well as the man himself, then you will get a place to sit. But if you’re in a hurry you can get food to take away.
The owner, Don Pepe himself, is a lovely character who loves to chat and joke with his customers, especially with us.
I make a range of traditional salsas (called PiKels) and he was surprised a “Gringo” could make such hot and tasty salsas when I gave him some to try.

Don Pepe’s tacos are good too

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