The “joys” of in-flight food

Some airlines really do know how to cook at altitude and others, sorry Lufthansa, serve something totally abysmal.
I think if both your evening meal and breakfast have been loaded onto the plane at the same time on a long-haul flight then the breakfast part should be avoided at all costs. Mind you, Lufthansa’s evening meal was pretty dire a couple of hours after taking off from Mexico City – nothing memorable, seeing as I can’t even remember what it was compared to the food on United on return which was quite a pleasant and surprising experience.

I remember the Lufthansa breakfast quite distinctly because of its absolute awfulness. Scrambled eggs with potatoes and tomato sauce. Well it looked somewhat like scrambled eggs but that is as far as it got as it sure had no resemblance to them in the taste department. The potatoes, if that’s what they were, were kind of crunchy which isn’t exactly how I thought potatoes should be, especially on a German airline and I won’t describe the tomato sauce. All I could be thankful in the breakfast pack was that a yogurt plus a roll, butter and jam were included.

Returning home with the airline United was far and a way a better food experience, even though they just served the one meal (their sandwich on the next flight outstripped Lufthansa’s two meals). It was a rather good three pasta medley with a nice salad. Actually an excellent pasta dish which I would gladly have paid for. My only criticism of United (they are American after all), was that the tea was absolutely awful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could order the food you really want when you book your flight?
Then you would maybe get something like this


Instead of this



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