Going home to the City and country of your birth after many years (admittedly only after four years) makes you see things in a different way.
For a start, you see things you never noticed before that were in plain sight and you just walked past them as they were just part of everyday sights. Visiting home as a tourist seems slightly strange in some ways as you have almost lost part of the connection with home that you once had. Having read Bill Bryson’s wonderful “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”, I can agree with him in many ways. Thankfully, my home town of Leicester is not in the habit of changing too much – after all the City’s motto is “Semper Eadem“, Always the Same – and still felt as familiar as always even though some things weren’t there that used to be but the things I wanted to see were ever present and the new things were rather enjoyable.

Something that impressed me greatly was the standard of the food in some of the pubs I visited and the new generation of pubs which have opened are wonderful – from just a pork pie (A Leicestershire one of course) and a pint of house ale in one of the new City pubs, to pulled pork fritters with black pudding plus a rocket & parmesan salad in one of the County’s gems.

Pulled Pork with Black Pudding at The Griffin Inn at Swithland

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